Connecting YOU to the World's Best Psychics

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Connecting YOU to the World’s Best Psychics

Who are we? We launched in October 2012 and We have been in the “psychic industry” for over 25 years, both on and off line, so we know that clients want to know if the psychics available are genuine, ethical, honest and verified for their abilities and their identity. We understand WHY clients want to make sure their psychic advisors they visit are “High Quality” and professional. Many websites available today do not verify the advisors or psychics available on their platforms, this is where we are different. Each of our Psychics listed have been tested for abilities, for accuracy, we have validated their experience and we have also verified their identities. We know the people available to assist you – we strive to communicate and have a solid one on one relationship with each of them. Unlike other websites, we have a very strict and solid interview and hiring process. You can rest easy knowing that the advisors at are top quality professionals and are able to provide you with honest, accurate, psychic readings, insights and guidance, at affordable prices.

HOW TO USE the platform.

*** MOBILE “How to” Screen Shots Coming Soon***

(if the screen shots and photos do not load for you please let me know and I can resend them to you at your request)

How to contact a psychic via onsite email/message (for email readings)

How to contact a psychic for a Phone Session

How to contact a Psychic for a Live chat (including video)

“How do I pay”?

We suggest that you add funds before you head into a live chat or phone session with your advisor. After you log in to your client account, click “Add Funds” in the upper right. Select the amount of credits you wish to purchase. 1 credit = 1 dollar (usd)– Do not forget to insert any Promo code you may have. Click “Continue” to pay via PayPal or our available payment options.

“How do I use a Promo Code or Gift Code without adding funds”?

After you log in, click “Add Funds” in the upper right. Locate the area to enter in the coupon code as seen below. Click “Redeem Coupon” and if code is valid it will indicate successfully added the amount and you will see the balance added to your available credit to use.

coupon redemption instrcutions biz

“How do I rate” a Psychic?

On the Psychic’s Profile page, at the bottom you will find a “Write Comment” section. The first part of this section is a drop down menu with star ratings, from 1-5, 5 being the highest rank. Underneath the rating there is space for your comment. You do need to be logged into your client account in order to leave a rating and review. Leaving a rating is not mandatory but it is a great way to let other clients know what you thought of the reading and service you received!

“How do locate my transcripts”?

client transcript instructions

If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Once again welcome to!

Connecting YOU with the World’s Best Psychics.


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