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The weekly vibration for January 30, 2017 To February 5, 2017

547_230x230_cropThis is a weekly blog that allows you to get focused for the week building up on the energy and vibration of coming week each section bring you a little bit in sight so that you can use this for your own growth and inspiration. It is my hope that this gives you guidance into the energy of the week. contactme-300x76Contact Me Today at

Abraham Hicks quote – The section brings you a powerful message of abundance use it to work with the law of attraction. Reflect upon and this week and find where you can use it in your life to allow yourself to be more in line with the vibration that you would like to trade in your life.

This Week Quote: I see myself in perfect health. I see myself in absolute prosperity. I see myself invigorated with life, appreciating, again, this physical life experience which I wanted so very much as I decided to be a physical Being. It is glorious to be here, a physical Being, making decisions with my physical brain but accessing the power of the Universe through the power of the Law of Attraction.


st-germainAscended masters – These masters are being that brought us inspiration send us the proper way to grow with that our path and energies continue to bring use their special energy this week. Working with ascended master Energy allows you to bring in that vibration to your life.  Reflect upon this masters energy.  This week and see how their energy is bringing things into your life that allows you to grow and build upon your own power

This week’s master is Saint Germain

Their message is You have the power to resolve the situation you’re inquiring about.  This card signifies your untapped magical abilities, which you’ve used successfully in the past.  Pull these abilities out of storage and use them to work your magic now.  Your clear and focused intentions, positive expectation, prayers, decrees, and action steps all create the headings and manifestations you desire.

♥ Decide clearly what you will and won’t accept in this situation, as your clarity will bring immediate results.

♥ Have steady faith in a positive outcome.

♥ Study alchemy and manifestation principles.


Saint-Germain isn’t a Catholic saint, but a count from the French region called Saint-Germain.  He was known as The Wonderman of Europe during his lifetime in the early 1700’s.  Saint-Germain was renowned for his magical abilities to give gems and fountain-of-youth-like elixirs to his many friends.  He was a virtuoso musician and linguist who was beloved by royalty and blue-collar workers alike.  Saint-Germain helps light workers who wish to work toward world peace and bring about integrity and honesty in governmental and other systems.

Positive affirmations of the week – This week’s positive affirmations can be used in meditation reflection or journaling.  The use of positive affirmations has been proven with in history to bring about change with our subconscious.  Allowing ourselves to clear away old worn out messages That we send ourselves. Using a positive affirmation replacing in Negative Idea Has Been scientifically proven to improve our life.

This week’s positive affirmation:  I surrender to whatever the powers-that-be (whether it is God, the universe, my higher self, my deeper self) decide to do with me.

This week spiritual challenge – Each week looking at the vibrations of the week.  We give you spiritual challenge anything from as simple as cleaning out your refrigerator to allowing yourself to give a smile to a stranger. Because when you take one step forward to change something or do something different it affects not only your vibration but those around you these simply act will bring in charges to your life. Please feel free to comment on these and share your journey with us.

This week spiritual challenge is:  Keep a daily journal of your feelings and experiences.

Have a vibrational week and I’m only a phone call away if you need me




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