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The Shortest Day of the Year is Here Yet Again!

seasons-cahngedIt’s hard to believe that winter solstice is upon us yet again. For me, it means another year is coming to an end, and a new one is about to begin! It may signify change for you, a time to reflect back on the year, or even simply officially brings the Christmas season, but either way it is described as the shortest day of the year.

If you were wondering how this has become let me explain it to you. As we know the Earth isn’t upright. It is tilted on its axis by 23 and half degrees.  The earth shares its places I receiving the suns light ad warmth most directly. The tilt is what makes winter and summer. In the winter we experience when the earth is leaning most away from the sun. Basic enough right?

The only downfall that we experience is that the days get shorter and the nights longer.  To brighten up your day, the world solstice is derived from the Latin word Solstitium which means “the sun stands still“-  The sun moves so slow that it appears that the sun stands still. There is also many festivals that are related to solstice: there is the Feast of Juul (Scandinavia), Saturnalia (Ancient Rome), Chaomos in (Pakistan) and Santa Tomas in (Guatemala).  And of course we have Christmas – which is widely celebrated around the world!

This also brings us to a time of year as I have mentioned that we may reflect on the year that we are coming to an end, and if that’s the case we have many psychics that are available to you to answer your questions.  Don’t hesitate to check us out – We have phone sessions, live chat with video and email readings.

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