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The weekly vibration for December 19, 2016 To December 25, 2016

This is Aeson’s weekly blog that allows you to get focused for the week building up on the energy and vibration of coming week each section bring you a little bit in sight so that you can use this for your own growth and inspiration. It is my hope that this gives you guidance into the energy of the week.


This Week Quote:
Keep remembering: there is not only one prize. And so, say to yourself things such as, “You appeal to me in all of these ways, and I am going to draw the essence of you to
me. I will use my visualization of you to align my Energy, and then I will trust that Law of Attraction will bring me an exact replica of (the essence of) that which I believe you are.”
—Abraham Hicks

aeson-malonlyThis week’s Ascended master is Mahachohan Ragoczy.  Their message is This is about learning and teaching.

You’ve learned a lot from your experiences and relationships, and now it’s time to pass that knowledge along to others. Your current situation is bringing you opportunities for spiritual growth and teaching you some important life lessons. As soon as you understand and accept these lessons, old patterns will drop away and be replaced by wonderful new experiences.
♥ This person or situation is bringing you important life lessons.
♥ Ask yourself, “What’s the blessing that this situation has brought to me?”
♥ Your life purpose involves teaching.
♥ Forgive a teacher from your past.
♥ You are urged to teach others.
Mahachohan Ragoczy, who’s also known as Master Rakoczy or the Divine Director, is regarded as a great spiritual teacher whose students include Saint-Germain. He’s very involved with
world government leaders, intuitively guiding them toward peaceful resolutions. Call upon Mahachohan Ragoczy for help with esoteric learning, spiritual teaching, or efforts toward world peace

Positive affirmations of the week
This week’s positive affirmations can be used in meditation reflection or journaling. The use of positive affirmations has been proven with in history to bring about change with our subconscious. Allowing ourselves to clear away old worn out messages That we send ourselves. Using a positive affirmation replacing in Negative Idea Has Been scientifically proven to improve our life.
This week’s positive affirmation: I am a lovable person who is loved by others. I am appreciated by others.

This week spiritual challenge
Each week looking at the vibrations of the week. We give you spiritual challenge anything from as simple as cleaning out your refrigerator to allowing yourself to give a smile to a stranger.
Because when you take one step forward to change something or do something different it affects not only your vibration but those around you these simply act will bring in charges to your
life. Please feel free to comment on these and share your journey with us.
This week spiritual challenge is: This week Find three things that are just taking up space and give them to strangers

Have a vibrational week and I’m only a phone call away if you need me CLICK here to Speak with me NOW

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