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what-is-astrologyAstrology is the science that explores the action of celestial bodies (namely the planets) cities, people and events.  Astrology has its place among the earliest records of human learning, starting in  the Mesopotamian region, then across to Egypt and onto Greece.  In Tropical Astrology the planets names are actually Roman, but has a Grecian counterpart with a very similar myth.

Astrology deals with the angles between each of the planets and their effect upon humanity.  The signs are a way of dividing the heavens by a band of what is called the Zodiac.  The word Zodiac is a Greek word for Zoo.  The houses for the astrological chart is set up by the astrologer for their client or Event Time of Birth or happening at a particular place in the world.

The signs are considered the field of action, the house the place and he planets is the power of force.

Astrology is a philosophy that assists in explaining your life, through your personality, along with showing you your career potential and compatibility with others.  The purpose of astrology is not to blame the planets or our chart for what happens to us.  On the contrary, it is to learn about ourselves by their planetary indications.

There is more than one use for astrology.

Birth Chart also known as your Natal Chart.  The astrology of individuals.  In ancient times it was used only for the royal family of each country.

Electional.  The best time to get married, start a journey or better still open that new business or shop.

Horary.  The Chart of the Hour.  It is used for answering questions by individuals.  It is always set at the time the astrologer understands the question.

Medieval which uses only up to the planet Saturn and is used for Predictive work.

Mundane.  The astrology of nations.  In fact in ancient time, only the kings and the nation had a chart.  It was not use for most individuals.

Natural or Physical.  The astrology for major events on Earth, such as earthquakes or trial waves along with airline crashes.

Relationship – compatibility between individuals for the purpose of getting married or going into business together.

Vedic Astrology rules views the planets from a Fixed Constellation point of view and uses the planets up to Saturn only.

Not only does astrology have several uses, but also several systems.

The ancient Mayan Indian in Sth. American had their own unique system as well as a system in India which is called Vedic It uses only the planets up to Saturn along with the Moon Nodes which they place great important upon.

The Chinese have their own system which is divided by years.  We all have heard of the Year of the Tiger etc.  It is further broken down by elements of Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Wood.  Tropical astrology only uses the first four elements.

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