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descriptionofangelsThere are six ways in which Angels let you know that they are currently around you.

  1. You will find tiny white feathers – usually three in total.
  2. You will suddenly smell a fragrance that is not your own perfume or body spray or that of your current surroundings.
  3. A bright light or colour within your mind.  When you close your eyes and asked for angelic help, a sudden flash of illumination within your mind.  It may momentarily fill your mind with light,
    or may pass across your inner vision like a shooting star.  Sometimes is way appear a pulsing shape or colour – usually gold or purple.
  4. You feel a tingling in the air when you hold your hand out in front of you after a short meditation in which you have requested your angels for their support.  You will feel this tingling
    against your hand, like a gentle electric current.  Should you request an additional angel; the tingling will increase of change in nature.
  5. You may also see tiny points of light in different colours which shows you which angel is present.  All angels have a particular colour around their auras.
  6. A feeling of loving warmth often accompanies you when you have involved an angel with a feeling of love and trust, in response you will feel filled with warmth, comfort or peace.  This is
    particularly noticeable as heat in the palms of your hands or around your heart.  It may be a wave of love pouring right through you before ebbing away.
540_0x0Would you like to know more about your angels and what their messages are? Contact me via and we can see what the angels have to say!
All the best

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