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Why moving on from a relationship is hard

Moving-on-with-your-lifeSometimes when it comes to love we have to make the decision that is going to benefit us the most, unfortunately that may mean having to move on from a relationship we are in. Recently, having to make that decision and ending a relationship I come to realize the hardest thing is not so much having to leave the person you was with, but rather the things you leave behind in that relationship.

That does not mean we did not love the person, it simply means we have had to do what is going to be best for us in the long run and for the long term. Yes I did love my partners in the relationship I decided to leave, but the hardest thing for me was leaving behind my belonging and my fur babies. Sometimes just loving someone isn’t enough to stay in a relationship especially when we are feeling neglect and all alone in the relationship. Also, the more people involved and putting their two cents in the more confusing things can be. Sometimes, it comes down to what is going to make us happier and the strongest in the long run. Sometimes, you just cannot tell the person you have to leave the relationship especially when they are the type that will apply guilt to get you to stay.

I am the type that believes that fighting for love in a relationship works, but that has to come from both ends of the spectrum in the relationship and with both people. A relationship is about all people involved in the relationship not just the one. It is not about staying in the relationship so you are not alone, trust me nobody wants to feel alone and unwanted. Nobody for sure can say why we fall in love and sometimes when we love someone so much we do not want to see the problems and deal with the issues. In many cases, when it comes to love talking about these things can help, but only when both are willing to talk about them and also listen to the needs of the other person.

When you leave what you known for so long, especially after years it can be so hard to move on from the relationship because it is not the fact you left the relationship it is more of the fact what you are leaving behind. Love can be like a double edged sword in a way. The first being is you use it to fight and defend the person you are with, and the other being them using it to harm you and vice versa. Yes, even though you left the person you still have some love for them no matter how much you want to deny it or fight the thoughts. I have often said to many of my clients that if you are not happy in a situation in life you have to take the power within yourself to change that, including in the situations of love when you are feeling trapped, alone, or even unwanted.

The major point I am making with this article is that you have to decide what is best for your and harness your own power to forge and shape your destiny and your path in life. Sometimes in life thing do not go how we expect them to or what we have planned, but that does not mean they world ends after leaving the situation. No matter how much pain you are going through you are strong enough to hold on and make things better in your life. You are able to be make a new beginning for yourself. Thing you got to realize is that you have the power to make a brighter future for yourself and that things are not set in stone despite how many hard knock you take or how many road blocks you encounter. The only thing these mean is you much adapt, learn, and grow stronger from them.

Do not let others dictate who you are or where you need to be in your life, you have to be strong enough to determine that for yourself. Hope and positivity always springs eternal you just need to be able to see it for yourself. Secret is that even in situations of love new things and someone new will come your ways if your can just hold on and fight for what you believe in.

Believe in YOURSELF! ~Christopher Rose

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