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Connection to Yourself

In today times there are times we as individual’s thing it is best to care about what other may think about us a person.  While doing this at times often we outsource what makes us happy as a person to cater to the need of others. This seems to be the trend and the very thing the most of society is broadcasting to us. Such examples would be for instance super models. They what to try to convince us that if we want to be happy we have to achieve a body of a super fit person or they tell us that if we want to be happy in our relationships we need to be with someone with the body of a Greek god.

13fb8a02f4c9fc9fb3003fc90ebcd1f0For some this may be what they chose they want, but for the mass majority that is not always the best things. What may be right for one person may not always be right for us. To be happy in life we do not need to outsource or sacrifice our happiness in order to find what makes us happy.  The only person in life you can be responsible for is yourself, and therefore the only person that can determine what will make you happy is yourself.  It is nice that we take other opinions in consideration, however in doing so we need to make sure that their point of view is not imposing on our own.

Happiness beings within ourselves first. You have as an individual have to first look at yourself and accept yourself for who you are, what you stand for, and ultimately how you look.  These are the first steps you must take in order to be mentally fit and secure within yourself.  Once you have done that you have to decide what things you like and do not like. If there is something about yourself you feel that is lacking or is something you do not personally like then change it for yourself not for someone else.  For instance you may look at your body and thinking that you have gained weight.  You as a person have to decide if that is something you can live with or change.  If you can’t live with it then dos something for yourself to make that change. Other people, especially those that are not secure with their lives or themselves will always find something they do not like about you.  You have the power within yourself to determine if you can or cannot live with something when it comes to you.

When it comes to connection to who we are sometimes this can be a difficult thing to do, however not an impossible thing to do with some practice. You cannot expect to know someone else or even love someone else if you do not have either for yourself.  I have mentioned many times in my previous articles that writing in a journal can help you relieve stress and help you begin to healing and take not in yourself. So I have been working on create a morning journal exercise that will help you focus on what you wish to accomplish on a day basis.

Along with this morning journal exercise I meditate and talk with deity to help guide my day and surround myself with a white light that purges me of negativity and not allow it to stick with me. I feel a strong sense of self helps you in many areas of your life.

Consider and answer the following in your journal every morning:
 My intentions/goals/ and visions for today is
 Right now the number one thing on my mind is
 Today I get help with what I need by
 Some risks I can take today include
 Today I will become a better person by
 Today I can take care of myself by

When writing in your journal it is always helps being completely open and honest yourself for the best results.  Writing can help you see things about your life you may not have noticed before and give a great more detail about who you are and what you are wanting to do. We all have a sense of purpose and this can open the door to your purpose and show you the path you need to be on.

Some other points you may wish to consider through your day and time while journaling are: Be aware of your thoughts and feelings, when you are feeling negative about something find a way to change it and turn it around.
 Practice Self-compassion and of forgiveness
 Practice Gratitude and be thankful for all things in your life
 Compliment yourself List our positive qualities about yourself
 Meditate

By using and practicing these key factor and suggested point can help you change the things in your life that you need to change. Plus, as we interact with people throughout our day whether they are good friends, family or total strangers you never know how you can change their life in positive ways.

~Rose Knight

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