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Making Room for the New

clear clutterThe spring equinox or the first day of spring represents getting rid of the old and dead situations, feeling, and emotions in our lives. Finding peace with them and truly moving one and doing the required work to be able to do so. This mark the time to begin to planting the new seeds of opportunity and nurturing them.

In life we are face with many situations, emotions, and feelings and sometimes we want to hold on to them because we fear we do not have the strength, courage, and means to move on. Sometimes these things can turn into a negativity cancer within our life and slow consume everything we once view and being positive.  It is never wise to allow yourself to dwell in a place that no longer serves as a place of growth to you. You have to be able to face fear and summon the courage, strength and inner will to slay the beast to find the hidden wisdom and lesson in all situations. This may mean digging deep within yourself and within a situation and looking at them from all view point prospective.

I find when I am working with manifestation and it energy to attract better and brighter opportunities I do a spring cleaning of everything. My thoughts, my feeling, my emotions, situations in my life, and even clutter around the house I have no had use for in the last 6 months. All in which attract negative energy and encourages it stay.  You cannot expect to get something for nothing, much like you cannot expect to get something without taking responsibility and doing the work. You must exercise your body and feed it the proper nutrition it need to grow and be healthy. Life and the situations is no different, you have to exercise action in order to bring healthier things into your life.

Life itself is meant to be savored in all its flavors, it is hard enough at times without us holding on to the past issues like they are a trophy that defines us this in itself is being a fool. It shape the person we are, but it does not define the person we are in the future. The longer you hold on to something the longer you choose to ride that negativity merry go around and allow yourself to be trapped and stuck.   When it comes to the present and to the future you have to have growth in your life, you have to be able to balance and harmonize your foundation and situations in your life, and you have to harmonize and balance all aspect of yourself mind, body and spirit. When it comes to your life you are the one in charge of it and it is your responsibility to do your own weeding and maintain it.  That mean quick being a sissy and making excuses for why you cannot do something or why you are where you are.  The absolute real truth and wisdom here is you are the one that caused it by your thoughts and your actions, no one else. It is your poor decision and action that lead you to this point in your life, and only person you can blame is yourself. Sometimes we need a slap in the face of reality to make us see what is in front of us, much like sometimes we need someone to push us in the right direction when guiding us.

Positive manifestation and change comes into our live by being a person that accepts responsibility for our life and does the work that is required, no amount of praying, wishing, guidance from a psychic or life coach is ever going to be and instant fix to things if you are not will to accept things for what they are and do what you are needing to do to change it.  Why put off till tomorrow on what you can do today.  If you want something bad enough you will do what is required and you will do the work that is required.

Below I have also included some cards of power and focus. Let them help guide and help inspire you to change the things you want to come into your life.

Journey of the fool Tarot Card of Focus: The Druid The Druid is a spiritual teacher who recognizes the necessity of opposites in balance.  This card empathizes the need to bring harmony into your relationships in the material world and in the ordinary consciousness and realm or spirit. Every person’s experience with the Divine is different and every person must work through their spiritual endeavors in their own way.  The Druid when it relates to us as an individual tell us that we must define our own balance that is cannot be achieved by following dogma, others, or set practices.  In this card the druid is adorned with a circlet of oak and holly leaves upon his head. Oak represent boundaries and through this representation you must be able to set boundaries as well. Oak also represent protection and solidity, meaning you are going to have to protect yourself on your path in order to maintain a solid foundation. Within the journey of the fool he has encounters the male and female aspects of himself and the male and female aspects of nature. HE has been made aware of his intellect, intuition, his physical body and his spirit. He has learned to live in a world of opposites day, night, summer, winter, male, female, body, and spirit. Now from the druid he learns to those opposites there must be balance in his life.  He is neither a purely spiritual being nor is he purely material one either, and he must face and embrace duality with his humanity. His job is to accept and harmonize these aspects within himself (mind, body, and spirit) and within his realm of living.

Ascended Masters Card of Focus: White Buffalo Calf Woman (Peace Offerings) This card and spiritual master teaches making peace with your life. This may mean putting an argument to rest with other, Letting go of the pain and suffering of the past and moving on, Harmonizing and balancing your life. This card also represent finding forgiveness, having compassion for everyone in a
situation, including yourself, Accepting another apology and also finding humor in the situations in life.

Make room for LIFE! ~Rose Knight

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