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Dealing with depression and anxiety

AnxietyandDepression1Depression and anxiety issues are the more common metal disorders diagnosed in the world today. However it is more useful not to think of them and a mental disorder, but rather and a dysfunction in the brain.   Recent studies have shown that what is on our mind does in fact impact our body and our health in many ways including on a mental level.  Like all things in life it is important to realize the symptoms of anxiety and depression and how they are affecting your life.  Although there are many symptoms to depression the more common one are sleeping disorders, shifts in appetite and weight, loss of energy and fatigue, thoughts of death and suicide, being irritable, anxious, change in thought patterns, memory loss, stomach aches, headaches and migraines, feeling persistently sad, hopeless, or lack of self-worth.

As a psychic adviser I do not have any type of medical degrees, but I do feel it is part of my responsibility to help advice my client the best I can. As being a person that has been diagnosed with depression disorder, anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder I can sympathize with people who are dealing with these types of issues.  The thing to realize is even though they are classified as mental disorders, it is more useful of think of them as disruptions in our brain health. There are things that we can do to help deal with such issues both from profession counseling, medication, and exercises to help us not only to address the issues but identify what trigger these dysfunctions. For instance how we move, what we and drink, how we deal with stress and situation in our life, and even our lifestyle itself can all contribute to these issues. It is vitally important being able to classify and identify these triggers.

I have found that there are several thing that can help people deal with these triggers that I use to help me when these are triggered. First being writing and keeping a journal, because let’s face it sometimes we do not always feel comfortable talking with other people about what is going on with us when it comes to our thoughts and feelings. I also recommend that you share this with your counseling professional to help document and help you find other things you are able to do.  Thing to remember is they are there to help us not to judge us. You are not crazy because you are seeking help when you have a problem.

Meditation is another great way in dealing with triggers when they occur. Recent studies have shown that both the spiritual and the mind can affect the body.  Remember that stress that impact our body and most definitely play a part in our triggers.  Meditation help us relieve the stress and help our body relax and sometimes can play apart in helping us find what is triggering these symptoms. Self-awareness is vital function of understanding and dealing with triggers when they occur.

Breathing exercises are another way to help relieve the stress and help us relax. Taking in slow deep breathe help because it cause relaxation with the body and it can also help when you are trying to meditate as well. Getting into nature is another way of getting relaxed when these triggers occur. It has been suggested that a change in scenery can help put our mind at ease and help our body relax and nice walk in nature can help add some beauty into the situation and help you get some fresh air as well.

Exercise has been proven not only helps impact our physical health but also out mental health as well. When we exercise we are moving our body and increasing oxygen to our body and our brain. Also, exercising helps releases frustrations as well especially weight lifting or even yoga. Getting plenty of replenishing sleep. Sleep impact our body in a numerous of ways and it is important for us to get at least 8 hours of replenishing sleep a night. It help the body and mind heal and regenerate.

Spending time with supportive family and friends. Having a good solid support system is vital when you are having or experiencing these triggers.  It is important that they are not judgmental because it is about your overall health that is at stake here. Sometime it helps talking to someone that we trust and that supports us.

1594879556-overcoming-depression-quotesPopular to contrary belief we have to learn to accept imperfection and control. We cannot expect everything to be perfect because in life nothing is ever perfect it is how we view them and how we deal with them that make the difference. Also realizing that we cannot control everything in our lives, sometimes in life there are things we cannot control. Admitting both of these things can in fact help us in dealing with trigger when we experience them.

Practicing forgiveness is something else we should keep in mind, because we have to take responsibility for what we do and say. This does not mean allow people to make you feel guilt when you have done nothing wrong, but this does mean recognizing when we have done wrong and taking responsibility for it.  Holding a grudge or unwanted or unneeded anger in not healthy.  It can add to the stress of our body and impact our health.

Eat/ Drink functional foods is another way in maintain health brain and body function. Like exercise what we eat and drink can impact out mind and body. We have to give out body health food in order to help with the healing and regeneration process. So it is vital on paying attention to what we are eating and drink on a daily basis.

Lastly practice gratitude on a daily basis. If you want positive things in your life and have quality of life you have to be able to be thankful for what you have in life. We all deserve to be happy and deserve to have good things in our lives, but in no mean are we entitled to them. Like all things in life we have to work for them. Also, being thankful for the supportive people in our lives because sometimes people need to hear that we are thankful for them being a part of our life and being there for us.

These just a few examples of things we can do as well with treatment with our provider and medical team that can help us with dealing with our triggers. As I said before I am not medical provider, but I do feel they are things that help me when I am go through my own triggers.  Also, remember positive quotes and affirmations can help change our thoughts and help when dealing with triggers.

You are LOVED! ~Rose Knight

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