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Building the foundation of a Relationship

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKAAAAAJDU3ODQ1NmJhLWJkMmEtNGEzNS05ZjhlLTUwNWRkZThkZjhmZAIn the past I have wrote many articles on relationship building and how to make a term relationship through basic foundation building.  When it comes to dating in the modern world you have to remember that times are changing and that is an ever constant thing. Every person has their ideas of what they need and want in a relationship when it comes to them, but also if you are getting to know someone or you are with someone you have to be able to take both opinions in this matter and balance them out. In all reality a relationship is about balance.

First thing to remember is communication because it is important to be able to talk and communicate with you partner.  You have to be direct, clear and honest when it comes to your communication with your partner.  Being comfortable with them to be able to talk to them about anything with the relationship you are not comfortable with.  Also, remember no relationship is going to be completely perfect because people are not perfect mistakes happen and sometimes fears come up.  It is being able to your partner about these things and together working on these things.

Arguments are normal in a relationship as well, but this does not mean you blow off the handle and allow yourself to get so stressed out to the point you do not talk about it. Speaking as someone being in my relationship with my partner for 10 years yes there are times when you argue that you want to shut down and not listen to them. This can be a huge mistake to make because this closes communication and can lead to other issues. Instead talk it out with them come to a balanced comprise and ways to address the issues before they become bigger. Also, we all say thing when we are mad and stressed out at times that we do not mean and through communication you can work anything out just take time and effort from both ends. If the other person hurts you in a relationship, hurting them back on purpose will likely destroy your relationship. If you feel the need to “get back at” the person you’re with, you shouldn’t be with them.

For instance most arguments in a relationship are about money issues with people living together.  If you are living together it is both people to help contribute to the bills because it is the fair thing to do. There are some men out there that feel it is their job to be the provider, but a relationship is not about co-dependency. You have to remember that everyone especially your partner is wanting to feel independent and wanting to feel they are contributing to the relationship. This is something that should be remembered.  If you are in traditional type of relationship thinking where the man is working and paying the bills, then it is only fair for you to be willing to take care of the home and do the house cleaning.  Remember when it comes to this it is both give and take.
As I said before when it comes to people we are not perfect and we all have our issues that we need to work on.  It is not about fixing a person it is about accepting them for who they are and encouraging them to become a better person.  When you try to fix a person this can create issues because your partner may not feel they need to be fixed, you can talk to them about how something they due may make you feel hurt in the relationship because it is normal that at times we do feel hurt in the relationship by something they may do or say. Again communication is key here, but also it is about understanding where they are coming from and their background and listening to what they have to say. Remember in a relationship it is not about who wear they pants or control the money.  Trust me that can get you in more hot water then what you are wanting.

We all want to experience romance in a relationship that special of truly being accepted and shown that in a thoughtful way.  Something to remember here is not everyone is going to express their idea of romance like they do in all the romantic movies, because everyone all has their ideas of what romance is.  It is like the old saying it is the thought that goes behind it that counts. Instead if you are paying attention and really taking interest in your partner you know what they like and what they do not like. I recommend keeping it simple because it is not about impressing them, it is about showing them how much you care and love them.  Also, when it comes to sexual performance it is not all about sex. Yes, in a relationships there are times that you want the physical expression and connection, but do not base a whole relationship around it.  However, it is always fun to spice things up and broaden your horizons in this area through trying and experimenting with new techniques, toys, lubes, and whatever else you may think of.  For instance it is not a bad thing for a guy to verbally express how they feel about their partner. Trust me, everyone want to know how their partner feel about them and they emotions they have for them.

Remember in every relationship there has to be ground rule or boundaries from the get go of what you are both are willing to deem appropriate and willing to accept. This is normal and healthy in a relationship. And it is very important to take note and really learn of these things.  You cannot get upset if your partner does something that has not been discussed or brought up.  If there is something that is going to cause you insecurity in the relationship you need to be honest and speak up about it and expressing your thoughts and feeling about it and be honest. Something else to remember is talking about what happen in your relationship with other people, because this can backfire especially if they are not happy in their relationship or holding on to some resentment.  I have always been one to say if you are not happy with something talk it out with your partner, because you are in the relationship with them and only with them can you fix it.

If you find there is something you need advice on in your relationship do some research internet articles, books, licensed professional or even getting tips from friend and family member. Just remember you are looking for opinion and suggestion here and do not take everything with a grain of salt or the absolute truth.  However, when you do have the information you are looking for discuss it with your partner because in all honesty it can help.

I find that every once in a while it is nice to revisit places you both enjoyed in the beginning of the relationship because this shows how thoughtful and how much you do care and love them.  For instance in my relationship when we first began it we make things for one another and honestly we still do and everything my partner has made me is either on display in my office or in a special box that made to keep them safe and in a special place.

Lastly, when your intuition or gut feeling is telling you something is off trust that instinct because if something does not feel right to you that is a warning indicator that you are needing to talk with your partner and express this.  Yes, this can be a though thing but nothing get fix or addressed with being silent and you never know how your partner may feel about it either.

Building from the ground UP! ~Rose Knight

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