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It’s Finally SPRING!

Well first thing is first, Happy Spring!

first-day-of-spring-2016I honestly didn’t think that this day would come fast enough! Its been a pretty mild winter here in Canada, but it’s still great to see the snow finally melting and the flowers blooming. My favorite time of year!

This isn’t just any normal spring – scientists are saying that this is the earliest spring since 1896!! This is also known as Vernal equinox, marking a special moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator going from south to north. On March 20th at approximately 4:30 utc or march 19th at 11:30pm Central daylight time, the equinox will arrive. So while in Canada and Northern Hemisphere, we enjoying spring, those in Australia are celebrating the Autumnal Equinox. However we still celebrate with equal joy, but as we sow the seeds of hope for the year  they are harvesting what they had sown in months past! This will however happen again in 2020 when we have another leap year.

So what does spring have to say for us? Spring is about new beginnings! New Changes, New Routines! It’s a time to put together a new start as people. A good time to make necessary changes to our lives as the new year is about to begin! The triumph of light and planting seeds both physically and metaphorically.  Stepping out of our comfort zones, and in the faith for dreams that make us year for the unknown. Keeping in mind that spring also is a good time if you are looking to expand your family. This is the feast of fertility of the goddess, Ostara. The festival of Eostre is the right for fire and fertility which celebrates the return on the sun.

There are a few rituals that you can do to cleanse your spirit, and our advisors can help you if you wish to take part.  So get out there and enjoy the spring air, plant a few flowers and take in that this is a time for change. Don’t fight it – embrace it.

March 20th is also International Astrology Day! And we have a few in House astrologers available to help you with your personalized Charts!  Esther Libra did a great video last week and its posted to YouTube, here it is for your viewing enjoyment! You can speak with Esther, Melodie or Chrisalis  –three of our Wonderful Astrologers!



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I do a number of different kinds of readings, these being; Tarot, Psychic and Clairvoyance, Dream Analysis, Strong Intuition, Clairaudience. and Angel Readings.


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