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Happy Leap Year!

5_Things_You_Don___t_Know_About_Leap_Yea_0_31016130_ver1.0_640_480What is leap year?
We all wonder what the purpose of this day brings, so let me take a minute and clear the air a bit. This day was created for basically one reason- the calendar. It takes the Earth about 365.242189 days — or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds — to circle once around the sun, says However, the Gregorian calendar we rely on has only 365 days, so if we didn’t add an extra day about every four years, we would lose almost six hours every year. After a century, our calendar would be off by about 24 days.

With that being said, many people take this day to do things they wouldn’t normally do on a regular calendar year. For example,  it is believed that women will purpose to their boyfriends or significant others on this day! However there is reasons to believe that anyone marrying on a leap year is considered bad luck too!  One in five engaged couples are said to believe in this superstition.

So what else can happen on such a holiday that happens every 4 years?

Well if you happen to have your birthday on this day, you can consider yourself lucky- like 1 in 1,461 people kind of lucky. You are even considered to have your own term,  often people born on this day are called “leapers” or” leaplings.”

If you are in Scotland,  it is said that livestock born on this day are bad luck. “Leap year ne’er a good sheep year” is often expressed and goes back many traditional proverbs.

And if you are in the know, the Olympics are held on leap years as well!

Monthly services don’t charge you more for February 29 so it’s a free day of rent or cable TV! Plus you have an extra day to do your taxes, but if you’re in prison you serve an extra day.
Have a wonderful Leap Year Day today! Enjoy this extra day of LIVING LIFE!

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