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Halloween History 101

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Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween, whichever Halloween greeting you use, the meaning today is the same­ its time to have a day of fun filled with magical surprises!  This holiday dates way back to the ancient Celtic festive of Samhain. What we know as Halloween today, is dressing up, trick or treating, and ghost stories!! Let’s step into a time machine, and learn a little about how these roots began!

Trick or treating jumps back many years, originally it was a practice of wearing costumes at the end of the harvest season. Young men impersonating evil spirits would dress up in white costumes with black masks. It was believed that during the transition from one year to the next, the realms of the living dead would overlap allowing the dead to roam the earth again. By dressing up as spirits, they would try to fool actual spirits into thinking they were spirits as well.  The tradition we know today, has evolved much from this. Children of all ages go door to door looking for candy, and sweets.

For the Creepy Halloween Tarot, we have the DEATH card. This represents the ending of an old year, and the slaughter of old way of thinking, feeling, and acting. This card pushes us to leave behind what we no longer need in our lived, and what no longer helps us. Accepting new aspects of your life that may bring about the beginning of something more valuable and important. You need to put away with the past, and ready to embrace new opportunities. It is a time for transformation!

Let our psychics at discuss which changes would be best for you, and answer any questions on how to achieve this amazing opportunity! Enjoy a Psychic or Tarot Reading this Halloween. Use promo code SPOOK15 and get $5 added to your next deposit, and if you have not signed up yet, each new client will get $5 free when they do. Join Now!  I offer a $5 New Client Special Reading. Sign up and contact me today and I look forward to reading for you! And remember have yourself a spooky Halloween!

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