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Psychic Addiction

13965335-addiction-monitor-shows-craving-and-substance-abusesPsychic Addiction

by Jamey

A lot has been written on psychic addiction and I think still more needs to be written! Psychic addiction has become a real problem for a lot of people. It is not uncommon for someone to loose thousands of dollars and not get an accurate reading. Or even getting an accurate reading and still needing more. Like any addiction, the real underlying issue has nothing to do with a psychic reading. The drug addict needs those drugs in order to not have to deal with emotional turmoil and uses the drugs to temporarily numb the emotional problems that are going on in their life. Someone that is addicted to psychic readings is no different. Someone that has a psychic addiction is looking for a way to pacify fears.

Like any addiction, it starts off slowly. The most common question I see in relationship to psychic addiction is, “Are they coming back into my life” so we will work with this one. So the first time someone calls and asks this question, and especially if they are hurting from the pain of a break up, they will be in a state of fear, a state of emotional turmoil. Now lets say that the reading they get says “no, this person isn’t going to come back” that will add to the emotional turmoil. But the same can be said for a reading that comes back as “yes, they are coming back into your life” What happens is that the person asking the question gets a “quick fix” temporarily pacifying fears and emotional turmoil. However, because it was just a quick fix, those fears are going to come back, and stronger because you just put a bandaid on the pain and the pain is festering deep inside. Nothing a bandaid can fix. So then what happens is the person will call another psychic, get another “fix”. And like any fix, you can never have enough! Your fears become stronger, your emotional turmoil becomes worse so you are needing more and more. Then in the meantime, the person hasn’t come back into your life, you are loosing hundreds of dollars and are miserable!

One of the hardest parts of watching someone go through this is knowing that if they stopped this cycle, and they were told that this person was coming back is that they are just delaying the outcome, especially if it is a soulmate. There is usually a reason for a breakup, it means that there were issues in the relationship that couldn’t be worked out while the two of you where together. So the two of you had to go your separate ways for a while to work on these issues before the Universe brings you back together. But in the throes of psychic addiction, those issues aren’t being dealt with, so the Universe puts it off and puts it off until either you work through the issues, or it becomes to late for the two of you.

Couple of things to note about getting a reading when you are in a place of psychic addiction:

  • It is going to be hard to get an accurate reading. This can be for a couple of reasons. When you call a psychic and you are in that place of panic and fear, your fears are going to be stronger and easier for a psychic to pick up, especially if this psychic is less experienced and doesn’t know to “look around the fear”.
  • Another reason maybe that the psychic can sense the fear and panic and is afraid to tell you the truth for fear of negative feedback.
  • But the biggest problem is that if you are getting reading after reading asking the same question over and over again, you are not dealing with what needs to be dealt with. You are not living your life now, in the present moment.

Think about the law of attraction, “What you focus on, you create” if your focus is on someone missing from your life, you are going to create “someone missing from your life” thus feeding the psychic addiction more and more. If you find yourself in the throes of a psychic addiction I recommend a couple of things. First of all, identify your fears. Chances are they are fears of never finding love, never being good enough and worthy of love. Next, if you must call a psychic, find one or two that you can trust to tell you enough is enough and help you deal with your fears. Also, never call a psychic when you are in that place of panic and fear. Work through the fear and call when you are more calm. This will help you get a better and more accurate reading.

If your psychic addiction is causing problems in your life, get professional counseling! Take responsibility for your life, this is the best way to find that love! Not psychic readings!

jamey 3About Jamey …..I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient and empath; which means that I can see, hear and feel psychically. I have been reading professionally for over 30 years and have had the amazing opportunity to mentor with one of the best psychic in this business.

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