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Welcome SPRING – and not a moment to soon!

Spring and the Empress Tarot Card

 tarot_empressSpring in the Northern Hemisphere starts on March 20th 2013 at 702am EST and it is about darn time that it gets here. As I write this I am watching the snow falling, with winter storm warnings in effect and simply craving the heat of the sun, and to see green grass again! I can not wait for tomorrow to get here!

In honor of SPRING I am writing about the Empress the 3rd Major Arcana Tarot card, which to my symbolizes spring and all that comes with it: fertility, growth, expansion, creativity, nurturing, prosperity, mothering and mother earth. And as a psychic for almost 20 years, this card is an important one for me, and for many who are spiritual and strive to have balance with the universe.

Sometimes all you need to do is nurture yourself….I am sure that you have a goal or dream, so don’t push too hard, just provide the right conditions for that dream to flourish. Have that positive self talk with yourself, the affirmations, being kind to yourself, and celebrate the talents and your successes. When you are positive and think in that flow all of that will create fertile soil for your dreams to take root and grow. I am just like you – I have dreams and goals, but I also have a hard time being patient waiting for success to come to me, however I take comfort in this tarot meaning and the energy.

I am sure you know that when we try too hard we end up interfering in the magical process that is unfolding. I am personally really bad for meddling in the universe and the divine plan of things – when things are going great I seem to stick my big nose into it and mess it up! So I want to share with you that if you can simply stop and breath and stop worrying, relax and allow things to unfold on their own, you will be surprised at how little effort is needed to accomplish those goals. There IS a time for effort and hard work, but right now all you need is patience and let the essence of Spring work its magic.

Come Celebrate SPRING with me at where I currently have a $15 special, answering any 2 questions for you via an email reading… Or you can have a live chat with me for $2.50 per minute.

Many Spring Blessings


Mystic Angel

Professional Psychic and Tarot Card Reader


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