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The weekly vibration for February 13, 2017 To February 19, 2017

547_230x230_cropThis is a weekly blog that allows you to get focused for the week building up on the energy and vibration of coming week each section bring you a little bit in sight so that you can use this for your own growth and inspiration. It is my hope that this gives you guidance into the energy of the week. contactme-300x76Contact Me Today at

Abraham Hicks quote –The section brings you a powerful message of abundance use it to work with the law of attraction. Reflect upon and this week and find where you can use it in your life to allow yourself to be more in line with the vibration that you would like to trade in your life.

This Week Quote: The beast, like all of you, chooses freedom first. And if ever the physical condition becomes less than joyful, the beast — if left to himself — will re-emerge into Nonphysical.


Ascended masters – These masters are being that brought us inspiration send us the proper way to grow with that our path and energies continue to bring use their special energy this week. Working with ascended master Energy allows you to bring in that vibration to your life.  Reflect upon this masters energy.  This week and see how their energy is bringing things into your life that allows you to grow and build upon your own power

This week’s master is White tera

white-teraTheir message is Something involved with this situation needs purifying. This could be a signal to purify your motives and intentions so they are purely about service and not about fear or competition. It could mean a purification of your body and diet. Or it could simply mean adjusting your life so that all of your actions are in integrity with your true beliefs. White Tara will support and assist with this purification, ensuring that it is a harmonious process that brings great blessings to you and others.

✧ Put your whole focus onto “How may I serve?” instead of “What might I get out of this?” and everything will go better

✧ Affirm loving thoughts about yourself and others

✧ Avoid chemicals and toxins

✧ Avoid any behaviors that lead to feelings of guilt or shame, as these lower your self esteem

✧ Leave situations that are out of integrity with your true beliefs

White Tara is an aspect of the Eastern goddess Tara, who appears in various forms signified by different colors. As White Tara, she is a loving and helpful goddess who increases life expectancy and enlightenment in those that call upon her. White Tara is the very essence of everything that is pure within each human and all of life. Call upon White Tara to reveal your pure inner self, as well as to purify anything in your life.

Positive affirmations of the week – This week’s positive affirmations can be used in meditation reflection or journaling.  The use of positive affirmations has been proven with in history to bring about change with our subconscious.  Allowing ourselves to clear away old worn out messages That we send ourselves. Using a positive affirmation replacing in Negative Idea Has Been scientifically proven to improve our life.

This week’s positive affirmation:  I release others from all blame that I assign them. They only play roles in my life that help me become more awake and aware of who I really am.

This week spiritual challenge – Each week looking at the vibrations of the week.  We give you spiritual challenge anything from as simple as cleaning out your refrigerator to allowing yourself to give a smile to a stranger. Because when you take one step forward to change something or do something different it affects not only your vibration but those around you these simply act will bring in charges to your life. Please feel free to comment on these and share your journey with us.

This week spiritual challenge is:  Tell three people you love them


Have a vibrational week and I’m only a phone call away if you need me






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